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Welcome to StreetYap! StreetYap is a ratings and reviews community where the members decide what gets reviewed. Here are the basics:

Rate It!

To make your opinion known, type a subject or phrase into the "Rate It" box on every page. Select a rating (1 is the lowest rating, 3 is average, and 5 is the highest). Then click "Rate It!". StreetYap will find the nearest matching phrase and show you its weighted score and average user rating. If your thought is new and fresh, a new poll will be created.

Dynamic Categories

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Think of a "flamingo". To one member it's a cute animal in a zoo. To another member, it's a lawn ornament that gets passed around the neighborhood. What a word means to people can be just as interesting as it's rating. Don't be satisfied just rating a subject.

To create categories and vote on existing ones, you must be logged in as a StreetYap member.

To create a new category for a phrase, simply enter it into the "Propose new category" box on the results page of any phrase.

To vote on the usefulness of a category, click "Yes" or "No" below a category listing on the results page. The most popular categories will rise to the top, but someone else has got to think "lawn ornament" when they give the phrase "flamingo" a 5!


Have something to say? Members can enter a comment about a phrases on its results page. Vote on the usefulness of other member's comments by clicking "Yes" or "No" below each comment.


Rating: a number between 1 (worst) and 5 (best) that represents a user's opinion on a phrase.

Average Rating: a simple average of all member and guest ratings for a single phrase.

Score: a number between 0 (worst) and 5 (best) based on user ratings.

Votes: For categories, the total number of positive votes in favor of putting a phrase in that category. For comments, the total number of positive votes for a particular comment.